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NCyTE Comp Write-Up

From nothing to ping! and some!

^^^^ Click Link for Demo Documentation of NCyTE Complete Write-up ^^^^


NCyTE Comp Videos

*** System Hardening: Click for Video

*** Blue VS Red: Click for Video

*** Website Demo: Click for Video

*** Presentation: Click for Video

Hack the Box

*** Bounty Hunter: Click for Video

*** Cap: Click for Video

*** Explore: Click for Video

*** Forge: Click for Video

*** Horizon Tall: Click for Video

*** Previse: Click for Video

*** Paper: Click for Video

*** Time Lapse: Click for Video

*** HTB Business 2022 CTF; Lita’s Invitation: Click for Video

*** Red Panda: Click for Video

*** Faculty: Click Here!

*** Photobomb:

Nice Challenges

*** A Database Story Backup then Recovery [NG]: Click Here! 📜📜📜

*** A Sense of Security [NG]: Click Here 📜📜📜

*** A WordPress Journey From Dev to Prod [NG]: Click Here! 📜📜📜

*** Basic Server Maintenance and Cleaning [NG]: Click Here! 📜

*** Dangerous Drives [NG] (Complexity 1): Click Here! 📜

*** Dangerous Drives [NG] (Complexity 2): Click Here! 📜

*** Help-desk Fun User Login Nightmares [NG]: Click Here! 📜

*** Lengthy Logs Attack Analysis [NG]: Click Here! 📜📜📜

*** Linux Administration 101 Users Access & Updates [NG]: Click Here 📜📜📜

*** Nothing Says Maintenance Like Updating Legacy Software Dependencies [NG]: Click Here 📜📜📜

*** Penetration Testing Bringing Passwords Up To Snuff: Click Here 📜📜📜

*** Playing Find the Bottleneck, Stage Data Gathering [NG]: Click Here! 📜📜📜

*** Preventative Protection Thwarting the Imminent Threat [NG]: Click Here 📜📜📜

NSA CODE Breaker 2022


Technical Write-up for the 2022 Code Breaker Challenge:

Hack the Box BOO CTF 2022

Hack the Box BOO CTF: Click Here!


Blue Team Notes: Click Here!

Blue Team D GitHub: Click Here!