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Hack the Power

November 2-3

We went in with 2 teams. Placed 12th & 13th.

Hack the Box Business CTF Dirty Money

Was hard but learned a lot of complicated techniques. 

Hack the Railroad

Event by MISI, was just webinars, but we all learned much about railroad systems 🚂🚂🚂.

Buckeye CTF 

Good CTF environment with easy to hard challenges! See R3V4nS Page for detailed writeups!

Hack the Hospital 

Another Hack the Universe Event that well be at!

Cyber Security Rumble 2022

Hard Challenge, was heavy code based. Need more practice!


Yea, we did that too!

Hack the Port

TBD but well be there.

NCyTE Virtual Cyber Career Challenge

See Writeup for more details…

Hack the Box Uni 2022

Starts in 17 days…