CTF Time
2022 ~ 2023

Live Challenge Engagement By The 1337 R4pT0r$
Live ~ Fire

Cruise Ship: https://cruise.ship0x00.1337raptors.tech
Insomnia Escape: https://insomnia.escape.1337raptors.tech
Hack The Box University CTF Team: https://app.hackthebox.com/universities/overview/680
Women in Cybersecurity Strayer Student Chapter: https://sites.google.com/view/strayer-wicys/student-chapter
Weekly Discord Challenges: https://discord.gg/8r77Q8jGXH
Nice Portal Academic Engagements: https://portal.nice-challenge.com
Seasons 2-7 Strayer Cyber Challenges: Wireshark | Forensics | CTF’s | Web Challenge’s | AWS Server’s

Women in Cybersecurity ~ Student Chapter

Under the leadership of Insomnia, the president of the student chapter, she actively advocates for and facilitates various events and initiatives related to Women in Cybersecurity (WiCyS), consistently emphasizing empowerment. The WiCyS Club organizes regular meetings, undertakes women-focused development projects, and maintains an exclusive Capture the Flag (CTF) team comprised entirely of female participants. To engage with the WiCyS community, individuals are encouraged to connect through our Discord platform, where female members administer a dedicated server, or alternatively, through the portal.
The Portal: https://sites.google.com/view/strayer-wicys/student-chapter

1337 R4pt0r$ Discord

Our Discord server serves as our central hub for conducting home-based operations. Within this virtual space, we engage in a diverse range of activities, extending beyond the aforementioned functionalities. Specifically, we organize weekly challenges, maintain dedicated channels focused on various cybersecurity concepts, facilitate study groups dedicated to cybersecurity certifications, and foster communities such as the AWS Girls Club and 1337 Cyber Clubs.

Furthermore, our server hosts an array of Discord Challenges encompassing Web, Forensics, OSINT, PWN, Reverse Engineering, Hardware, Networking, Discord Bot Hacking, Coding, Mobile, and Crypto, providing opportunities for our members to enhance their skills in these domains.
Our Server is home to other universities! More than likely you will encounter a fellow classmate over here! Even if you are the first, ALL Welcome!

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